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Mystic Cruises is the 1st Portuguese company dedicated to “Expedition Cruises” around the world. The company will launch its 1st ocean vessel this year, the MS World Explorer, and already announced the construction of two new vessels: World Voyager and World Navigator.

MS World Explorer

From the pristine and untouched waters of the Antarctica to the sunny beaches of Copacabana, all the way to the hillside cities of the Mediterranean and the breathtaking landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, the MS World Explore will take you on amazing journeys exploring the hidden gems of our planet.

Guest’s will experience a world class luxury service either on our balcony suites, or on the innovative Infinity suites that create a new sense of comfort.

Taste the best signature dishes from around the world prepared by world-renowned chefs Discover new wines from old and new worlds, selected for you from the finest estates.

Relax at the Observation Lounge enjoying breathtaking landscapes, gazing upon the night sky through a giant glass dome, or staring into  an observation table where you can look all the way down into the bottom of the sea.

Designed to ensure maximum Comfort and security, the World Explorer hull has a reinforced structure with ice-class ready to resist the demands of the navigating on polar waters.

To ensure minimal ecological impact, the World Explorer is equipped with a modern and innovative hybrid propulsion system developed in partnership with Rolls-Royce.

Its state of the art dynamic positioning system guarantees that no anchor needs to be deployed.

Deck Plan