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Remarkable experiences enjoyed in the ultimate luxury.

With us your journey of discovery will take you to the most beautiful destinations in the most comfortable way.

Antarctica – Towering glaciers, snow-covered landscapes, massive icebergs, amazing wildlife encounters with penguins, whales and seals make the “seventh continent” a destination of discovery.

Arctic – Visit Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard and discover deep and dramatic fjords filled with wildlife. Polar bear sightings are not unusual in these lands of the Midnight Sun.

Mediterranean – Be amazed by charming islands, lively cities and different cultures.

Northern Europe – Experience the deep fjords, glaciers and colourful towns in Northern Europe.

Western Europe – Travel through historic towns, wonderful cities and exceptional landscapes.

Transatlantic – Cross the Equator while voyaging from continent to continent, culture to culture. Experience the magical serenity of long days at sea.